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Category: Native Plants and Animals

Embark on a journey through Australia's native plants and animals with Envirobook's titles. Explore the ferns of the South Coast and delve into the world of native trees that provide essential habitats. Create a garden that attracts vibrant frogs, and gain insights into coexisting with dingos. Envirobook's titles offer a captivating glimpse into Australia's unique biodiversity.

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Attracting Frogs to your Garden


Author(s): Kevin Casey
ISBN: 9780958762805
Pages: 130pp
Format: Paperback

Living with the Dingo


Author(s): Adam O'Neill
ISBN: 0858811987
Pages: 110pp
Format: Paperback

Native Trees of the NSW South Coast


Author(s): Kevin Mills, Jacqueline Jakeman
ISBN: 9780858812307
Pages: 256pp
Format: Paperback

South Coast Ferns

A complete guide to the ferns and fern allies of the NSW South Coast


Author(s): Kevin Mills
ISBN: 9780858810013
Pages: 193pp
Format: Paperback
South Coast Islands - New South Wales

South Coast Islands New South Wales

A guide to the 61 islands of the South Coast of NSW


Author(s): Helen Moody with Mike Jefferis
ISBN: 9780858810037
Pages: 198pp
Format: Paperback
Envirobook is an independent Australian publishing house specialising in natural science, travel, Aboriginal and Australiana. We also distribute for most Australian publishers to non-book trade accounts, e.g. national parks, outdoor shops, art galleries, etc.
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