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Living with the Dingo

The dingo: friend or foe?

A valued companion to the aboriginal people for thousands of yars, the dingo has now become a maligned outlaw, baited and culled over large areas of the Australian continent.

in 'Living with Dingoes' Adam O'Neil outlines his controversial hypothesis on the importance of the natural dingo family structure. His expertise in various habitats, combined with a review of scientific and other literature, has given him a unique insight into the important role that dingoes play in assuring ecological balance. he suggests that by maintaining the dingo as the top order predator, stock losses will be reduced and endangered species saved from extinction. This challenge to much current scientific opinion on dingo behaviour is bound to provoke much needed debate.


Author(s): Adam O'Neill
ISBN: 0858811987
Pages: 110pp
Format: Paperback
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