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Myles Dunphy Selected Writings

Over 50 years ago, Myles Dunphy, with remarkable foresight, proposed a system of national parks in New South Wales which has now become a reality. It was his exploration, meticulous maps and reports, enthusiasm, and above all persistence which earned him the title of 'Father of Conservation in New South Wales'.

It was in the late 1920s that Myles' bushwalking experiences gradually turned to the idea of protection. He said at the time, 'The most important principle is that the best scenery should be reserved for public use and benefit.'

In 1982, Myles received an award from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature for long service with merit in advocacy of national parks. The citation reads in part, 'His voluntary efforts inspired others and gave impetus for the establishment of a comprehensive system of national parks in New South Wales. It was largely he who forged the connection between bushwalking and concern to preserve the natural environment on which it depends.'

The people of New South Wales should be eternally grateful that a person of such breadth of vision, dedication, and ability was prepared to devote a lifetime to the task of preserving some of the State's natural areas.


Author(s): Patrick Thompson
ISBN: 0958817804
Pages: 218pp
Format: Hardback
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